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Default dyes

i know this may be wrong thread but when i apply red dye to my cosmetic item it doesn't change color its yellow/gold color gladiator helm thing i bought from store tried to dye it red it applied it but no change from standard color any help on this would be great ?
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For cosmetics, you dye the item in your inventory (or your wardrobe) and have to re-"equip" it in the cosmetic slot you want it after applying the dye. The cosmetic look you show (is "equiped" in your cosmetic outfit slot) is detached from the physical item. You can dye, sell or trash the item with no change to what you wear.

This means that if I want to use the same vendor-bought (so it's not bound) cosmetic on several toons but with a different dye for each, I can mail and re-dye the same item instead of buying 3 or 4 versions of the same.
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Some items can be dyed, some cannot.

The only 2 ways to tell are to mouse over the item, it should say wether it is dye-able. And to actually try and dye the item. if it doesnt dye you dont waste the dye.

Also I think that the store mentions whether or not an item is dye-able.
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