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Default Crafting of rep items

Not sure if this has been mentioned before but I'd like to see crafting rep items changed from bind on acquire to bind to account. Each of my alts can craft rep items for a couple of factions tops then must grind the other faction rep items through killing mobs or skirm. Crafting rep items is still a grind but at least we get the chance to use honed crafting skills and many of the materials gained in levelling to lvl65.
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Seeing how rediculously easy it is to get Kindred to Annuminas now, I don't expect this to happen. In fact I fear they might remove or decrease the drop of reputation barter tokens.

I had Kindred at level 38 on my captain, without doing a single craftable rep item.
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Some of the rep crafts are pretty pointless, anuminas was mentioned and bree for woodcrafters also springs to mind.

Others such as for the eglain are better setup with the repeatable quest you can buy. Although I would increase the amount of onion soup require for cooks.
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