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LIs you need to craft once or twice. Potions, scrolls, food and hope tokens you will need all the time at endgame. Plus, they sell in AH nicely. To make the best, critted consumables though, you have to be able to use the best recipes and crit scrolls which are not available at low levels.

I cover all my and kin needs with 2 65s (champ is guilded jeweler and SM cook, mini is guilded scholar) and bunch of lvl 15 crafting alts, all guilded.
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Yep, once you join the WS Guild you dont lose any skill in your Scholar Tier.
The only thing you will lose is the access to the Guild Recipes.

Plus you will now have the added benefit of being able to access the Critted Single Use Recs and Legendary Weapons with the WS Guild once you reach Kindred
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Yes you will, but not reliably create quantities of critted potions.

The Legendary Items you would be able to create in the Scholar's Guild are for Lore-Masters and Minstrels, along with several different Symbols, which can be placed on and Legendary Item.

The Weaponsmith's Guild holds recepies for Champion (and other) Legendary Weapons, so it's probably the guild with the biggest number of LI-recepies available. They have the various symbols available aswell. Not sure if they are the same but I think so.

However, I stand by my stance: Crafting and Guild Choice is about more than the Legendary Items. Especially with the ability to swap legacies to customize your items, you only need very few LI's that you actually use, and these don't have to be crafted.

I see it like this:Choosing Weaponsmith's Guild for the LI's means working all the way to Kindred with them for making one LI when you hit 65, maybe one before that when you hit 60, then you have essentially no use for the guild until you either get a symbol to make a 1st Age LI, or until the next expansion comes with a level cap increase this autumn.
All of these items can be aquired from bartering, kinmates or AH (for not drastically more than the components you'd need to craft it yourself)

Choosing Scholar's Guild gives you a reliable source of stuff you'll use for as long as you play the game.
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I would take the Scholar Guild over the Weaponsmith Guild. You can easily ask someone to craft you a LI, even strangers do that for you (if you don't have kinnies/friends that can craft you that).
The only benefit from the WS would be that you can craft your own LI. Which I personally don't see as a benefit, as I can have other people craft it. The benefits from SG (critted potions on demand and more?) seem way better.
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