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Default Duwis: The Fires below

While I have never understood the Dwarven mind for metal and stone, I have always admired the dedication, skill, and love they put into everything they craft.* This is why I decided to accompany Bósi on what his kin was calling a fool’s errand. He sought the secret forges known as the Heart of Fire and a legendary axe, Zigilburk, crafted entirely from mithril. As legends go, I doubted that such an axe could exist, but the maps and Bósi’s intuition convinced me that the secret forge might indeed exist.

We traveled to an empty passage searching for a hidden door. Bósi’s exhilaration upon uttering the nearly forgotten incantations and seeing the door open nearly made me forget my trepidations about the ancient horrors that might be contained within. However, we found nothing but the forges themselves; the Heart of Fire still burning fiercely, a stifling air only a dwarf could appreciate. A quick search revealed no sign of Zigilburk; that legend remains unproven, but Bósi was pleased to be able to return to camp having proved half of his suspicions correct.

As we turned to head back to camp, a small band of goblins ambushed us but soon fell to my arrows and Bósi’s axe.* None were left alive, but the goblins have infested every dark corner of Moria.* With little time to properly search for tracks, I can only hope this discovery eludes their attention until the dwarves can properly secure the Heart.* My journey in Moria is just beginning and will lead me further into darker dangers.* Bósi has asked me to visit his cousin Brogur in the Twenty-first Hall and bring news of the Heart’s discovery. First, I must attend to the needs of the other members of Bósi’s camp…

One last note… I was given an odd device for use on my travels; it is able to capture my memories as a picture and place it into my journal. I have made use of it to record Bói and I first gazing upon the Heart. I know not how often I will make use of it; despite assurances from the scholars of Elrond, this magic seems more suited to the foul tastes of the Eye.

The Heart of Fire
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