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Default Duwis: Mae govannen

It has not been my custom to record my thoughts and deeds, but the growing shadow of Mordor has impressed upon me the need to archive my part, small though it may be, in these dark times.* Too many of my friends and kin have fallen to the steel and arrows of Goblins and Orcs; may this journal honour their memory and leave a legacy for future generations to read.

My name, dear reader, is Millenial, a hunter from the fair lands of Edhellond. Swift and true is the arrow that flies from my bow; I travel the lands endeavouring to thwart the numerous plans of the Great Eye. Its fell gaze holds nothing but malice for the free peoples, and I am ever busy. My travels have taken me far throughout the land already; many trials I have faced, too many to record now.

Currently, my time is divided between preventing the witch Amarthiel from reclaiming the ring Narchuil and aiding the dwarves reclaim the depths of Moria. The fields of Fornost and the dark corners of Goblin-town also require my attention, though I will need the aid of my kin and other brave souls.

Wait… I hear something in the darkness; may I live to write more in these pages and to sail into the West when the sea calls.
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