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Default Orion: Champion Proposal: The Berserker Traits

Everything is subject to change.

Unless the trait is changing it will not be listed in this blog.

Trait Sets

4-set Bonus

In Fervour, fervor generation is further increased, merciful strike deals 25% more critical damage and reduces the cooldown on Merciful Strike to 0 seconds.


Controlled Fury

Increases the duration of Controlled Burn by 30 seconds.

Swift to Anger

Swift Strike generates an additional Fervour on Critical Strikes

In Fervour, Red Haze now becomes a toggle skill.

Bountiful Mercy

Minimum target Morale Requirements for Merciful Strike increased to 30% morale


Sprint cooldown reduced by 10 seconds

While sprint is active, the next successful execution of Swift Strike will daze an opponent for 3 seconds.


Okay, we are at the end of the blogs for this week. We have yet to talk about legacies, but it is certainly and hopefully clear that they will be changing quite a bit based on the proposed changes.

As always, I welcome your feedback and will do my best to answer questions in the thread I make on the Champion forum.
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