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Default Orion: Champion Proposal: The Deadly Storm Traits

Everything is subject to change.

Unless the trait is changing it will not be listed in this blog.

Trait Sets

3-set Bonus

Blade skills have a reduced chance to be blocked o parried

4-set Bonus

In Ardour, Blade skill power costs are reduced by 15%, Blade skill damage is increased by 10%, Blade skills generate less threat and Blade skill cooldowns are reduced by 20%.

Maintaining the goal of the new role of Ardour.


Eye of the Storm

Blade-storm costs 1 less to activate

Battle Acumen (formerly Dirty Tricks)

Combat Acuity costs 1 less Fervour

Flurry of Blows (from Berserker line)

Increases attack speed bonus by 5%

Increases Flurry duration

Flurry, while in Ardour, becomes a toggle skill Ardent Flurry.

Mighty Blast

Converts Horn of Gondor into Improved Horn of Gondor

Ardourous Rage (formerly Fervent Rage)


Less to see here, but still changes that enhance the ardour line in positive ways.* (Getting a little tired now…)

Up Next - Champion Proposal: The Berserker Traits
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