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Default Orion: Champion Proposal: The Martial Champion Traits

Everything is subject to change.

Unless the trait is changing it will not be listed in this blog.

Trait Sets

2-set Bonus

Champion’s Challenge Gains additional threat, increases critical defence while in Glory stance

3-set Bonus

Bracing attack no longer consumes Fervour and increases critical defence while in Glory stance

4-set Bonus

Increases Max Morale

In Glory stance, Exchange of blows now generates 1 fervour pip when it procs - this can happen only once every 5 seconds, increases citical defence, at 50% health the champion gains “Exalted Combatant” causing each skill play over the next 20 seconds to restore 5% of his/her health. This can only happen once every 90 seconds.

5-set Bonus

Adamant upgrades to Invincible

Set bonuses restore the full value of critical defence to the champion and provides extra pip gen that will allow them to more effectively manage combats. If pip gen is too high, we’ll need to make adjustments to ensure that the damage the Glory champion s capable of dishing out does not exceed the damage output of Guardians and Wardens. Their hits should still be bigger in magnitude when the happen, but they should b more concerned about maintaining survivability.


Call of the Wild

Wild Attack generates more threat and reduces the cooldown of Sudden Defence by 5 seconds

At the Ready

Executing skills reduces the cooldown of Rising Ire by 2 seconds

Reprisal (formerly Patience)

Exchange of Blows generates more threat and executes more often. While in Glory Exchange of Blows becomes a toggle skill, Glorious Exchange of Blows.

Time of Need

Dire Need now restores 300% of the power drained as morale to the Champion

Vigour of Champions

Second Wind now restores ~2% of max power every 2 seconds for 10 seconds.

Tight Grip (moved from The Deadly Storm)

Increases duration of Hedge Effects by 5 seconds, lowers the cooldown of Hedge by 50%

Aggressive Exchange (replaces Heavy Shield Use)

Blade-wall now generates increased threat


There will be a lot of testing to ensure that champions do not become the preferred tanking style. Champions are being explained first because of the breadth of the changes and the importance of the impact that they could have on other classes. That said, we are doing what we can to ensure that we handle this very carefully with an eye toward balance and more importantly, fun!

Up Next - Champion Proposal: The Deadly Storm Traits
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