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Default Orion: Champion Proposal: Updates

Lots of great feedback and discussion so far. Some counter-proposals to sink your teeth into based off of that feedback.

On Defeat

On defeat seems to be something that is an equal split, some people would hate to see it removed others would welcome and some seem to be unfazed by the proposed changes. Normally, I would chalk this up to a pretty good decision, however, unless I can find a solid way to alter Red Haze, Defeat responses will remain.

Flurry moving to Yellow Line

Bad choice, I heard that loud and clear. Moving it back to Red. Athletic might move to yellow. What does this change?

Considering: Ardent Flurry does not activate in Ardour - instead it becomes Fervent Flurry (I hate the alliteration).

Considering: Red Haze no longer activates in Fervour - instead it moves to Ardour and pips generate based off of kills.

Other Bits

Sudden Defence: It’s not a heal, it’s not bonus morale it is a Morale Shield. It’s a defensive shield that stays for a few seconds or until it is beaten through.

Sprint: The speed boost works in and out of combat, the skill can only be used while you are in combat. (The 5 second duration is likely to change.) No, you would not get this permanently

Merciful Strike: It’s entirely possible that this will not change, or will be moved out of your rotation as you level. Remember though, before you get to 65 you do have to go through the earlier levels and you don’t have that finisher early on.

Root on Heroics: Could be something good…could be something not so good. Fear is an interesting counterpoint - would need a PvMP solution of course.

Ires: Collapse into one and alter per stance? Ardour and Fervour keep Ebbing, as is. Glory switches to Rising…when in no stance…hrm…Ebbing? Likely Ebbing because Champions like to punch orcs in the mouth.

The Phantom ICPR Nerf: Nowhere, and I mean nowhere, did I say that anything was definitively going to change with ICPR. I mentioned that we might look at it, if we get too much power back. Nothing is set in stone…yet.

Second Wind: Moving it to 2% every second for ten seconds. (This will likely not be* moved back to ON Defeat. Think about this a little more. Not a nerf, seriously.)

Brutal Strikes: Got it. If I want to make Ferocious into an improved brutal - improve brutal. Gotta figure out the trade off , but this is a legendary so making it legendary is not terrible…might just be the upgrade to brutal straight up.

Fight On: Some re-work needed. Yes, I misquoted myself on the on defeat.

Controlled Burn: Controlled Burn is not a stance. It is a buff. It is too good as it stands. The pieces of the buff - Exchange of Blows, Flurry, Red Haze, Bonus Damage, Better Fervour generation - would no longer suppress or turn off stances or overwrite more powerful skills. None would remain permanently but they would be pure buffs while they were up (this is sooo not a nerf)

Hedge: Functions normally in Ardour and Fervour. In Glory it is altered as described.

Sound the Attack: The name change just makes sense. We have far too many skills that start off as one thing and become something completely different sounding later one. We are making a push toward consistency and Improved Sound the Attack - well, that might work too. (You’re right, not all Champions are from Gondor)

-30% Healing in Fervour: I am hoping to remove this. Truly I am. It depends on some other factors. If things pan out - the -30% healing will be removed…

Closing this Out

Everything is still subject to change. Keep the feedback coming!
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