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Cool Middle-earth Center launches LotRO Signature Creator!

Ever wanted to create your own graphical LotRO signature, but didn't want to load photoshop everytime you level?

We at Middle-earth Center are proud to present the LotRO Signature Creator! What is does is, simply put, create a signature with any and all stats about your character in LotRO. You can customise the signature by using a custom background image of any size, changing the font-size and colour, disabling and enabling certain stats, and even changing their placement on the signature.

You will be provided with BBcode tags with which to show this image in your signature or a forum - or - even use a small image as an avatar. By doing this you can update your stats trough your User CP whenever they change in-game, and it will automatically update on any and all places you have placed your image.

Interested? Check out our special page for it here. We hope you enjoy it, and make sure to share your thoughts!

P.s. If this is considered inappropiate or is located in the wrong forum, please accept my apologies.

P.p.s. Here are two examples:

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They removed the forum sig generator because Turbine has one now.

The best I could find for us Europeans is Guildlaunch's "Any Game Sig Generator": http://sigs.guildlaunch.net/any_game.php

Or did I miss a better one?
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Tool: Lotro Signature Creator

^ Lol, how did you miss this
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