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A COG representative has posted in this thread LOTRO Server Status code now available

LOTRO Server Status code now available
We've now got a server status feed for all of you who have LOTRO websites and who wish to display the status of the European servers.

Der HdRO-Serverstatus-Code ist nun verfügbar
Für diejenigen unter euch, die eine HdRO-Webseite betreiben und den Status der europäischen Server anzeigen möchten, bieten wir nun eine spezielle Serverstatus-URL an.
Lest weiter...

Le code d'affichage de l'Etat des Serveurs du SdAO est maintenant disponible
Nous avons désormais un suivi de l'état des serveurs pour vous tous qui possédez des sites sur le SdAO et souhaitez afficher l'état des serveurs européens.
Lisez plus...



The page is: http://community.lotro-europe.com/server.php

To add it to your site, you just need to add one of these lines of code to the page:

<iframe src ="http://community.lotro-europe.com/server.php" width="210" height="550"></iframe>

<iframe src ="http://community.lotro-europe.com/se...rritory=French" width="210" height="550"></iframe>

<iframe src ="http://community.lotro-europe.com/se...rritory=German" width="210" height="550"></iframe>

And here's the XML RSS feed should you prefer that option (advanced, only use this option if you know what you're doing!):

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Cool stuff. I'll have that added! Thank you.
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great thing. i must add it on my web too. THX
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Login server status code would be more useful
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That's not a "propper" feed...

Any chance of getting the status via XML instead, so it better can be incorporated in an existing site/design?
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Also ( not being to much of a tech head) is there anyway to cut it down to just the servers our guild uses ?
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That's very nice. I would also be interested in just limiting it to selected servers on demand, but this will do for now.
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Nifty, very useful (especially when planted onto the desktop).

However, any chance we could get an RSS feed? That way people can put the status into their own interface, and filter the servers they want, as well as checking them on an RSS reader.
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Great stuff, but like stated above, I think an RSS feed would be more useful.
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Somehow I think we are all to aware of what the usual 'server status' is.
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