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Kinships (Clan) Organization and Recruitment Start your own Kinship or join that of another player.

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Default [EN - ELDAR] Anarya recruiting.

I created Anarya about 2-3 months ago now. I decided to make my own kin as the previous one I was in I was just ignored due to the ridiculous amount of members within it talking over one another. So Anarya is a fairly small-ish kinship - though we have around 60 members or so now. We're a social kin that chat and have banter amongst ourselves but also do group instances and fellowing.

All levels are welcome to the kinship, we have quite a variety at the moment so there will definitely be some one around the same level as you that you could join in a fellowship to help with questing etc.

For an invite, IM or mail any of these characters:
Jeniva (myself)

Those are of course the main officers of the kin and also the most active members.
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Do you plan and do you have enough people to play endgame content? I mean Moria, Mirkwood and the newest instances, and eventually raiding.
Or social means "we dont group to play instances", as some others are describing it ?
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