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Monsterplay (Player vs. Player Combat) Freeps and Creeps, or innocent bystanders, please use this forum for ALL discussions pertaining to PvP, thank you.

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Post Freeps and Creeps of Snowbourn

Thread for the PVMPers of Snowbourn

Post your snowbourn battle experiences here or say hello to your favourite creep or freep

*or you could go TA South/EC since that is where 90% of the action is *

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Hello Victuswolf!

I cant be bothered to go through battle experiences atm.


Big shout out to Eselda, Cross, Gildior, Melandriel, Esma, Finolas and Glaufrung.

Big shout out to people who no longer play (in ettens). Matis, Wolven and Gwalichamipie in particular. BSO to Cujo, Trinket, Filipok, Sytix and Byzantium/Slashh aswell.

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'elo Jim and Victus!
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Hello freeps and creeps of Snowbourn

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Was some good TA battles going on :P

Pet pulls all around and i see the freeps love to hate us weavers. I think i was on Cross and Mirks hit list
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Weeee was a good battle last night and I took down cross twice \o/

Then I became a main target for the Freeps lol. WAs VERY funny when a newbie freep ran into TA when most freeps were near Tyrant, and pulled all resapwned troll NPCs right to them.

I couldn't charge in for loling as they got wiped. Bet the Freeps had a right go at him for that.

Had to log afterwards as falling asleep so don't know if you managed to take it or not. But yeah was a great battle last night and I had to do some serious healing/bubbling and used up ALL my potions!
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How could anyone forget Viceciceror
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starts crying*
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lol ah shame guess im not noticed anymore.

big shout to jimmy, anderil, cross, arahalion, perandir, and ofc kaos and naethel, gildior and beorran ( burg proberly spelt his name wrong)

and a bgger shout to eselda im missing you hope your back soon

big hugs to all my targeted creaps in particular vice aka (mr troll) ukrag who wants my babys, and glau who purposely lets me die when hes on his freep (joking)

no battle storys anymore just pppppp ;D spam

must say pvmp seems to be picking up gaian recently it is getting better again for both side's.

p.s byzantium is it he is back i was playing with him and cross yesterday.
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I would like to mention a few names of old. They were the names that moved the fights around whenever they were online. Well, maybe not as such but if someone shouted "*** is here" many, many moved that ways in hope of a killing blow. There are too many names to honour all but I will try to name a few who others propably won't think of.

To me, when I was starting PvMP back in may, there was one freep I looked up in a way. I also levelled up with him. He was the scourge of creeps, first rank 6 and whole raids tracked him in bloodlust only to find a small hobbit go *poof*: Tubsy.
Propably wouldn't have remembered but I saw a "Your friend Tubsy has come online" message a few hours ago. Be afraid creeps...
I'd like to mention Roak, Saltz and Soya also.

Oh, almost forgot: Brigo aka The Butcher.

On the creep side: Smelty. The "prettier" half of the very, very infamous reaver-weaver (Filipok was the weaver) duo back in the day. Many lone freeps died in Eagle Pass in their hands. First rank 6 creeps on our server. Died quite a few times in their hands... Though got my sweet revenge quite a few times also, three times in a row once.
Also Ein. Amongst the first signature creeps, and definately one of the deadliest and skilled. Killed him a few times, and got killed by him a few times.
Mentioning also Toecutter and Morag.

The rest of you big shots get enough attention as it is...

Bring back the stairway fights!

PS. If you don't know the names I mentioned, well, good for you really. Some people play way too much.

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