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Monsterplay (Player vs. Player Combat) Freeps and Creeps, or innocent bystanders, please use this forum for ALL discussions pertaining to PvP, thank you.

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Lol, root gets to be 30 seconds but with new system its 15 seconds... so in essence they really took away 1 second (if you have trait) and made spiders go back to their original length of 8 seconds without trait... Lol!! Least we know it will not last as long. Prolly still 2 sec or less as usual with the book 12 change to spider root.
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I want CREDIT for this!!

some of my ideas got into this

Balancing the Ettenmoors
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I am wondering: the 45 seconds grace period is the time which it takes for the diminishing returns to reset and return to 100% duration right? When is this activated, I mean does the 45 seconds start over again everytime you are stunned/mezzed/rooted/feared although the duration is only 1 second now?
And what about when creeps use their anti stun/root pots or anti cc skills (resilliance, snap out of it and charge), does the grace period get activated then too? It would punish freeps very hard if at least 3 freeps try a stun on a charging reaver which then get's the full diminishing return on any stun applied after.
Also does riddle count as a stun or as a mezz/root or do the burglars get to keep their special cc with special immunity?

This still does not address the chainstunning problem which in my opinion is the biggest "issue". Or am I overlooking something here? It will only severely hamper cc classes in small groups and their soloing ability, but then again with the infamy changes in mind I think developers are a bigger fan of raid vs raid ganking. The simplest solution to take away current creep frustration imo is to give the antistun and root pots an immunity on appliance. Then we wouldn't have to get frustrated anymore for paying 9 silver a pot while they don't exactly help creeps where they need it most.
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Thanks for the info, any monsterplay improvements are appreciated.

Can you maybe add something completely new ?
For example a new type of rare loot item, that can be given to a NPC, that then creates a spell of that item, which permanently increases the healthpoints of a creep by 1 (or even less if the items isn't extremely rare). Or the damage output by 0,1%, the resistances or whatever, but a permanent improvement without limitations (no max-cap), so that we creeps have an additional longterm goal (next to the rank).

It's not wrong if some of the creeps who play the game intense for months or even years (and are often some kind of legends when doing this) get for example 3-4% more damage after a while, and/or a few extra healthpoints; that wouldn't really matter in terms of balance, but it would create the feeling that we are never maxed out with our defensive and offensive abilites, and that there is still room for improvement and that one day we will be mighty enought to kill that burglar, by who we are killed so often (which can be an illusion, but we'd know that we still can work on that instead of being maxed at rank 7 or 8).
This would create hope for the creeps, and hope makes the daily suffering (from being killed by superior freeps) so much easier.

On the other side this might create an addiction for people, to play the creep side, so i'm not sure if it's a good idea after all, just an example of something new that creates a longterm-goal and an extra motivation to play creeps for a long time.
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This makes creeping much more fun
A loremaster thought he was funny:
I saw him and i wanted to fight him. So i start throwing my uber warleader DPS at him... and he stunned me. Then he thought it was funny to keep me stunned... He didnt even damaged me, only thing he was doing is stunning. After 30+ stuns he had enough of it and ran off.
If those updates were live back then i would have cut that loremaster's balls of and made him eat them. cant remember his name, if i did i......

I've got my methods....
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So if warg will stun a freep, then stun again, the second stun will last only 2,5 sec? and third one sec? not good but cc nerfis needed....still freep side beside uber cc has uber snare ability...shouldnt a snare be nerved too?

Lol an old post...
ANd here we have...snares being nerved to only one at a time :P

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I liked the changes.
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obvious necro is obvious
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