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Monsterplay (Player vs. Player Combat) Freeps and Creeps, or innocent bystanders, please use this forum for ALL discussions pertaining to PvP, thank you.

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Kami what are you saying about our dots comparing to creeps? I can crit 1.8k on dots not joke :P
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Originally Posted by Aural View Post
Kami what are you saying about our dots comparing to creeps? I can crit 1.8k on dots not joke :P
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Has this problem been solved? This guy reaver gets killed all the time!
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Originally Posted by Kamikazee >
Not played reaver much in SOM as ive been playing on guardian but cant believe how much of a game breaker being cjed out of charge is.

I thought it would be the occasional cj here and there but for last few nights running almost every time I charge the 40 metres into freeps I have been cjed out of charge. Standing in middle of 20 freeps cjed = repeated death. Makes reaver unplayable in large groups of people.

Burgs and grds have t and g and pledge to give chance of living so I suppose reavers are now in that same sinking boat as champs, run in get cjed and die without swinging a sword in anger

After having good hopes for melees in SOM it is apparent we are now fecked even more than before with the ridiculous addition of CJ 'improvements'.

Solution is simple turbine make CJS only work on npcs, give melees a freaking chance!!!
What wise words you said all that time ago. I completely agree with the OP statement
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