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Originally Posted by laurinaohtar >
I think I saw a Guardians are broken thread somewhere so I would avoid those, it was near the LMs are broken, Reavers are broken and Hunters are broken threads.
There will be soon a "Snowbourn 1v1 area is broken" thread (Epic creep OOC tonight, the sort I like)
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Indeed. Kiri linked me a few screenshots of the whining. Was amusing, to say the least =)
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Hahahahahaha - this is the funniest post ever (OP) xD I think wargs are the worst creep class! They don't have enough stuns =(
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This is a joke, obviously.
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Originally Posted by Fenrir-hai >
Isn't it obvious?
Go level, and you won't get ganked so much.
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So I brought my lvl 61 rune-keeper to ettenmoors.

Theres your problem
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A little late but just in time. The OP is right, we are squishy, we cannot stand a 1 on 1 fight with wargs and reavers most of the time, we are a number one target, but hey, we are not at all a bad class in the ettens. If you want to go solo, sure, you die a lot, but hey, who doesnīt? If you go on a raid, you can hand out beautiful DPS, slows, stuns, dazes DoTs etc. Plus, you will gain a lot of rep if you would consider healing an option as well. My RK has around 4.7k morale and once Iīm targeted, I go down fast, but who cares?

And hereīs the solution to the crit prob: I deconstructed my 2nd age lvl60 weapon with really nice stats and level a 65 Stone with resist legacy, problem solved

Believe me, you wonīt be much happier with any other class out there, they all go down the ditch. And remember: once you gain a reputation and/or rank, ppl will prioritize on you as a target even more. Good news: After 10k deaths, your counter will reset to 0 *G*

if you come to the ettens with level 61, and maybe not all traits at 10 plus nice gear and jewellery, you should be aware of getting into a few problems. After all itīs the real endgame after you got bored of endgame...
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This is the most redicilous thread I've ever seen.

RK EC never crits?

not to mention he is 61. No level 61 will beat anything but greendots and some bluedots.

But seriously, this thread is awesome! hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

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First of all, you're level 61 still. Second, you're a light armor= squishier than a guardian YES.. Third, you're complaining about runekeepers dps? ... need I say more...
lol.. no flaming yea, this must be a joke.
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Okay well runies don't got much chance in a one on one battle. But stick them in a raid and watch masses of creeps die from AoE when they get powered up. Which is why creeps try and shut them down so much, they know that after the zap-zap comes the big badda boom of electric death.
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