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Monsterplay (Player vs. Player Combat) Freeps and Creeps, or innocent bystanders, please use this forum for ALL discussions pertaining to PvP, thank you.

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Did someone say Sticky?

I'll look into the adding a post, but I'm not sure if it can be done.

Worst comes to worst, you can restart the thread saving a few posts after your first post and I can close this one and stick the new one.
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Originally Posted by Faya View Post
Did someone say Sticky?

I'll look into the adding a post, but I'm not sure if it can be done.

Worst comes to worst, you can restart the thread saving a few posts after your first post and I can close this one and stick the new one.
Can't you just delete all other posts exept the Topic starter in this thread? .. After he adds the information from other posts into his own?

Might be some extra monitoring and work. But will keep it clean.
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***Hopefully the mods can move this post up behind the op. As requested...know your enemy...make comments and ammends but don't over complicate too much. Noob guide remember ***

Know Your Enemy!

Here is a quick insight of the creep classes so you know what to look out for.

As a generic thing you should know, a warldeaders field promotion skill will make a black bubble appear around the target and is almost imposible to kill through so do not sink all your dps into it.

The Orc Reaver

This orc is recognised by its hunched orcish looks, and a big weapon on both hands. The only real mellee front line unit. They sport an 8 second charge skill which makes them immune to all stuns/roots/dazes ((except conjunctions) that can only be initiated out of combat. So CC classes dont waste it on a reaver thats running very fast. Hosting a variety of high dps skills, some slows, disarms, debuffs....and watch out...if your health goes below 50% they can hit you with a powerful mellee attack that does insane amounts of damage. So your doomed if a reaver raid is attacking you on low health.

The Spider Weaver

These pesky foes are impossible to miss. If you see a black blob on your living room floor and immediatly lift your feet....be afraid! These large arachnids with big bums come with some pesky skills. The most annoying are probably web-the-earth. You will see white webbing appear on the floor, slowing your movement when passing near it and for a few seconds after. They can daze, drain power, poison you with debuffs and dots...and unleash hatchlinds if you allow a certain type of poison to expire They have an incombat burrow that makes them untargetable for aobut a minute before they pop up. They can also prepare ambushes if out of combat burrowed in advance.

The Uruk Blackarrow

The ranged dps class of the moors. Ugly Uruks usually identifiable for their lack of armour compared to the warleader ((and the bow ofc)). Having some very high crit skills, fire dots (wound), ranged slow, makes them a good dps boost. Although they are rather squishy, a high rank will support a full heal and a massive evade boost on long cooldowns. If the evade pops up its not worth messing around during a large fight. A nasty skill of the high ranked ba is the fire trap. A small induction skill that can only be used out of combat, so if you see a ba squatting laying a trap try and hit him quickly. When it is set up, an area of fire dot ((not really visable)) is placed and moving off it is highly reccomend as the damage is insanly high. It will look like a black hand on a red background in your debuff bar.

The Uruk Warleader

The tank/healer of the creep side. Easy to spot by the unique sheild they carry, and the amount of green induction rings when they heal lots . Sporting alot of morale and defences...these foes are very vital to the creeps. Out of combat they can plant a very powerful banner that gives us a variety of debuffs and a nasty debuff to in combat power regen. They have powerful group heals, single target heals...buffs to their groups. Worst of all are their aoe rez. Not interuptable and can rez up to 5 targets within range every 5 minutes or so. They also have a "bubble" which can be used on an ally to mitigate almost all recieved damage for around 15seconds if traited. An induction class can easily be aggrovated by hitting it making his inductions slower and interupting. When a WL is attacked he will more often that not start running to make him hard to kill so slows are really important. It is alot of morale to chomp through and those mellees dont need to be chasing 5 meters behind.

The Warg Stalker

Able to move with pretty much no penalty in stealth. They are the cute puppys that want to tear your throat out. Having some nasty attacks out of stealth, the ability to open stuns and conjunctions...stackable dots, and some debuffs and also some target mark buffs. Slack behind and the wargs will kill you. Very hard to kill the wargs as they have two powefull escape skills. A sprint that doubles their speed making them almost impossible to catch. And an incombat dissapear. Just hope your group is quick to spot them as they can assasinate vital classes very quickly.

The Orc Defiler

The orc with the big stick. They specialise in healing and debuffing. They are the only class with an out of combat rez on creep side so if you spot one standing back not looking involved, give it a quick dot or something before carrying on. They have some powerful heal over time skills they can use on the move making them a difficult opponent to kill. They also have an aoe fear effect that will lock out many players skills if they were next to the defiler. Their single target heals are some of the highest in the game.
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Great post. Gives a good idea on how the PvP works. Thx.
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DONT blame minstrels if the raid fail and dont leave raid after 1 wipe...

Demis lvl 65 burg
Demiz lvl 65 minstrel
and some others
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Great post found it very usefull and hope to be able to put it to good use later.
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Too bad my main is only 43 yet
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