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Monsterplay (Player vs. Player Combat) Freeps and Creeps, or innocent bystanders, please use this forum for ALL discussions pertaining to PvP, thank you.

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Well said, Harmo - I agree with all of that post on WLs, and more generally it's a very good point that Class traits should be Enhanced skills, rather than new (often useless) skills taking up a slot.

A general comment... There are plenty of good ideas out there for balancing Creep/Freep morale levels, damage output, and cc. But any revision which would involve freep skills being limited or curtailed in EM isn't going to be implemented. I imagine it would be too much technical work, plus it would probably annoy the freeps more than the Devs want to... That said, something like a combination of a morale and resistance boost for creeps (and a mild damage boost?) could have the same effect, using less Dev resources.

I've not been in-game for a good while, so I won't speculate too much. When I'm back in and played around a bit I shall have a better sense of where things are.
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Generally it would be nice if it was somehow be made more worthwile to get higher ranks. There are some good abilities, but often you have to unequip lower ranked ones to get them, diminishing their benefits. Different ways of coping with this would be making some abilities not take up slots or getting more slots or giving a small increase on general stats (~1% per rank or so on morale, power, resistances, damage... whatever) or having higher ranked corruptions accessible at higher ranks.

On weavers since it's the only class I play seriously:
Most of the changes I like, especially making more skills usable while moving.
Still it would be nice to get the old hatchlings back instead of the new ones. Maybe make it possible to choose one of both. Or make different trait trees for old hatchlings, new pet and no hatchlings at all.
It also would be nice for the spider to have one more skill that does (direct) damage, since mine are usually all on cooldown and nowadays there are so many ways to remove dots. Making the dots unremovable/stackable (from one spider) would be another option, but this might become op.
My few cents on this

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Originally Posted by JK_Collector >
Finally I do hope Kelsen will change the function of "Enhanced Skills" traits. There are only so many trait slots and I think with the changes coming to both sides the "Enhanced Skills" gating mechanic is outdated and should be replaced with Trait sets
Trait sets would be really good idea imo, giving every creep class total 14 class traits and 2 traitlines with 7 traits in each maybe, since there is not much use for more than 2 traitlines.

Would be quite easy for Defiler, WL, Reaver and Weaver to get some different traitlines:

Defiler: DPS/Debuff/CC and Healing

WL: DPS/tanking and Healing

Reaver: ST DPS and AoE DPS

Weaver: Pet/CC/Debuff traitline and DPS

I have hard time thinking of traitlines for Wargs and BAs maybe something like this:

Warg: Stealth/Solo/Warg-pack and DPS/Debuff(making them more useful in raids)

BA: Solo/DPS/CC and Group/DPS, or traitlines based on stances, 1 for Hard-hitter and 1 for Keen Eye
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