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Originally Posted by Turukano >
It's indeed a very early speculation. Remember all freeps will be level 75 (Creeps too, of course) and will get a couple new skills.

I think Spiders will still find their pets to be sub-par.
Defilers seem to be the new main healers, now their HoTs stack.
I don't like how WLs didn't get much concerning healing. Like a reduced cooldown on Crack the Whip or an extra heal. I don't dislike the more offensive changes though, will see how they work out.
I like this one though:
Yeah I've always said we should get a little minor heal to fill the 4s gap we have in our rotation however I'm definatly happy with new crit mechanic if it works as advertised.

I'm not surprised that defilers have taken over as main healers, their ability to heal on the move as well have having a decent sized induction heal makes them more preferable in most situatations unless a bubble is required

But I'm easy to please. He opened that post with -50% CD reduction on black speech skills and that was me sorted Never mind the new crit or purge changes.
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On the other hand: Will be even harder to get nice melee action if all the BA slow changes is applied. 40% slow 1.8 sec cd with 4 sec root 20 sec duration... also 1 min cd on aoe snare.

I agree BA need a slow improvement but this is abit overkill imo.

Well we dont know what freeps will get so maybe my concerns will not be necessary

a poster on the US forum about the slow changers pretty much summed up my thoughts

I know that they need something similar to low cut but atleast lets not make this intensely easy for them that they can perma slow ppl without even putting any effort into it what so ever. BAs need skills that break THEM out of slows so they can relocate and hinder someone again, right now you've suggesting that one black-arrow needs to be resisted 11 times in order for their target to escape them. You can also see it as a way that one BA will be able to slow upto 10 targets without needing to refresh. I think you really need to go back and take a look at some cooldowns and trait options.

PLUS lets not forget about 4 sec root that gets added to hindering shot and now on 1.8 sec cooldown.

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I liked the style of this Guy ; goes straight to the core of the problem and focus on combat dynamics ; skill rotations and player factor.

The changes might seem overpowered when you look at it now but we don't know what freeps will get by then .
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Firedot is happy.
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Umm this looks too much like Christmas, what on earth are they planning to give to the freeps?

I like the hatchling bomb.

And the new functions for howls, especially the fear one, it was on my wish list for eyes of the unnerving to become a fear effect howl.

Are they giving RK's machine guns? O.o
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I do indeed wonder what freeps will get, if I look at these changes, right now, a reaver with these changes would tear freeps apart even more.
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Originally Posted by Curuorn View Post
I do indeed wonder what freeps will get, if I look at these changes, right now, a reaver with these changes would tear freeps apart even more.
This is what worries me basically.

The changes overall look great, but some of reavers combo'd look a bit too much in all honesty.

In the current climate it could be crazy, but then again, no idea what freeps are getting so it will (hopefully) all balance out.
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Interesting changes, theres alot of good and not much bad there.. but since theres no new pvp zone with isengard I just cant like this guy

Reavers look atm pretty OP.. the heal skill and reset DS on crit sounds nasty
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way to OP, creeps will be back to daft OP mirkwood days again.

Wow they werent not OP for long where they.

durp de durp turbine durp.
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Good to see creeps getting some attention, some interesting stuff there. I'm not liking his plan to turn BA's hindering shot and Defiler's sticky feet into snares that are over the top though. Sticky feet is usable at range and on the move, it should have a drawback, raising it to 25% gets rid of that drawback. Hindering shot is a strong ranged snare with a short root, making it last more than 10s is just wrong.

Also in his quest to make Wargs more like burgs by giving them a debuff wipe on disappear, he forgot the little fact that burgs do not bloody sprint away at 200% speed every 5 goddamn minutes. The last thing Wargs should get is an improvement to their already insane escape potential. Then again the second to last thing Wargs need is a buff to their favourite one-button-ganking skill, aka bloody maul yet they're getting that too ("compensate for the Burglar’s Insignias", really ?). Merry Christmas.
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