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A COG representative has posted in this thread We present: The winners of the "Find Middle-earth" Competition!

A couple of weeks back we invited you to become real adventurers and discover Middle-earth in the area around your homes. Many stunning pictures along with beautifully written texts arrived in our mailbox and we were surprised to see how many Middle-earth look-alikes exist throughout Europe. We’ve chosen the 10 most impressive pictures and would like to present those to you in a special entry on our Community Blog. The people who took the winning pictures and wrote the accompanying texts are:
  • Courtney Snyder
  • Julia Wewer
  • Hîthwen
  • Lexanor
  • Nejuwen
  • Rellos
  • DANY Hélène
  • mystik33
  • Eric* Hink
  • Maiworë
Well done, you’ve proven that you are worthy adventurers! We would also like to thank all the other adventurers who took part and didn’t make it into the finalists. Keep on travelling with eyes wide open!
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Congratulations people! Very nice pics!
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Awsome pictures and comparisons!

Would love to see all teh others to, to get a complete picture =)

Congrats to the winners!

Loved the one with the Hammock the best. Real homelike and hobbity.
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Nejuwen, what a stunning garden
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Bah, they were all way better than mine

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I knew it, I didn't even bother because I don't have anything even remotely close all those picturesque scenes in my country, I would't have stood a chance.. they are breathtakingly beautiful. Congratulations to the winners!
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