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Default Respawn in Skumfil HM?

Yesterday I went to Skumfil with a few of my kinnies to check out quest mode because some of us had never quest mode there before and the rest of us hadn't done it in a long time. We ran both sides successfully, we all got six Moria medallions (3 from each side) and Pendevig-clog dropped.

However, we wanted to finish off by going downstairs and killing Hwadrin. The dash up to the boss went really well (having a level 65 champ helped ) and we pulled the boss. The first stage also went smooth, but when we got into the second stage we noticed that we were attacked by spider groups (guards and tenders) we were sure we had already killed. After being attacked by the same group several times we had no doubt that the groups respawned even after we had attacked the boss.

Has anyone else experienced this? Has anyone ran Skumfil HM after SoM without respawns? Is it a bug or working as intended? Should I /bug it?

I found a thread at the US forums reporting the same thing.
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Yep we had the exactly the same re-spawning of spiders when we had engaged the boss. Also when the boss was down the remaining spiders in the room did not de-spawn and so we ended up being ported out.

No idea if its bugged or if they now intend this to happen.
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Yeah exactly same thing - mobs respawning EVEN after boss death. Highly annoying to loot the chest. I don't mind respawns during the fight, but after?
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I can confirm the continuing respawn. Once we finally got to grips with that, the boss fight was a never ending face off - as long as we had power, she souldn't kill us, but sure as hell we hardly took any morale off her.

Probably will have to find positions where you can stand without pulling adds. But respawn after boss fight - now that would really be annoying...
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We've done Skumfil a good few times since SoM and the spiders just keep coming, it's great fun First time was a bit of a surprise but we managed. What we did since is put a hunter on the boss with the tank, rest deal with the adds, you really have to have a champ here ofc. If the champ holds the adds near the boss his AoE helps with the boss. The acid pools don't last as long anymore so it's actually harder to die because of multiple acid pools now too.

I find this much more enjoyable than it was before. The run in is much easier now, the extra few levels make it a very quick process.
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