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Quests Need help with a quest? Not sure where to go next? Post here! (WARNING: May contain spoilers!)

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Default Footprints of Blood

Hey, I've just started playing this game, and I'm stuck on this elf intro quest. I go into the gate, but I get stuck at this place with a big statue. Whenever I search for an answer to this quest, I just keep seeing to go talk to a dwarf guy at the end of the trail, but I can't see any dwarf, so I think I've missed a path somewhere. Can anyone help me?

Also the quest info says to follow and examine a trail of flowers, but I can only see the red flowers in one room in the mine, and I son't know how to examine them in any way.

EDIT: Nevermind guys, I realized I wasn't supposed to be in the mine in the first place. I feel like an idiot >_>.

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Don't feel bad about it, we all do stuff like that when we're new to the game!
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I did exactly the same thing as you, started a thread here about the flowers, rapidly got the answers and am now 23rd level!

Enjoy the game.
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