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Quests Need help with a quest? Not sure where to go next? Post here! (WARNING: May contain spoilers!)

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Question The Mirror Halls Of Lumal-nar again. Did I Get A Bug?

Excuse me? Could anyone give a bit of advice please?

Yesterday, I went off round the solo version of the Mirror Halls following this guide. The Mirror-halls of Lumul-nar - Lotro-Wiki.com

So far, all easy stuff. But when I got round to the final area where the boss pit was, the relic I had to destroy, (orb/sphere object on a stand) and the final mirror puzzle, I got my objective to click the relic and destroy it.... done!
But THEN.... my next objective straight after that told me to kill Ergoth. (the boss for the quest)

So off I went around the course, attempting to put the mirrors in their correct positions so that I could open the pit to gain access to Ergoth. This sounded somewhat confusing to me, as I realize that in the original 3 man version, Ergoth is an elite, or elite master boss. (can't remember which one)

But later on, a friend ingame arrived. I explained to them about the situation, but they told me... NO..... you don't need to kill Ergoth in the solo version.
I found this rather hard to believe, as this was what my quest log was telling me to do since destroying the relic.

Instead, what my friend told me, was that my next objective should have been to go back to the quest giver again (which was Broin) to hand in the quest. But for me, this wasn't the case, as I have explained.

Anyway, a bit more later on, another friend arrived, I canceled the solo version and we did the original 3 man version instead.

What does anyone out there make of this please?
Did I hit a bug with the solo version or not?

I would also like to know if this has happened to anyone else too please?

Is there any way to get around that or not? I'm hoping they will fix it in a future update.

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Position the mirrors and make sure you've killed all the roaming merrevail and the web should disappear.
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Okay, this is a little embarrassing now.
I spoke to my friend again this evening, and it seems he was a bit mixed up and somehow thought that the new solo version was the same as the original 3 man one. (with Ergoth only being an optional extra) When I told him yesterday that my objective was to kill Ergoth, he said I didn't need to do that. But it seems I was right all along. I guess in the solo version, Ergoth is made easier to kill.

Anyway, never mind. I got it done now at least.
Thanks for the helpful reply.
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