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Quests Need help with a quest? Not sure where to go next? Post here! (WARNING: May contain spoilers!)

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Default Book 15: Chapter 12

Can anyone help me complete this quest?

I've done over 10 attempts and either the game crashes somewhere or I just can't get it done without dying. Have to start the whole thing over again.

I will pay 10 gold for the one who helpes me complete it. I am level 63 and this game has the to lie it can be completed solo.

Also why does Mordrambor only take like 15 damage from each arrow? I spend half an hour taking him on...

I hate this game sometimes, with a passion. This quest made me not come back to the game for over a month...

I tried again today and my game crashed while Mordrambor debuffed me, so I died that way...
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Have a read at this thread Vol 1. Any Advice On Killing Mordirith Please?? and you should find what you need
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Originally Posted by Harminator View Post
Can anyone help me complete this quest?
I've managed to complete this quest few days ago as a lvl54 burg with the help of a guardian of the same level (after several failed solo attempts), and even with inspiration, it was tough as hell for me.

I'm from Snowbourn and would gladly help, if I can (even for free ;-)).

However I'm not quite sure, if it is possible without a healer or a tank. Narmeleth fights like a madelf (pretty same as Erlond's sons..), frequently pulling 4+ mobs together. But if I can help, I gladly would do.

EDIT: If you find this after this forum is locked, contact me at Snowbourn (Lovissa).

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