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Default Dwarves only have 1 Mount Animation?


Not sure if it has been mentioned before but it seems that you only get one spacebar induced animation for your mount as a Dwarf (unless i'm bugged :P). On another character of mine that isn't a Dwarf I get the 3 I think it is your supposed to get.

Am I bugged or is this a bug? I know sometime ago we were supposed to get a few spacebar animations and I know its not high on the priority list if its on there.. but as said in the Patch notes 'the little things count'
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Yes. There's only one animation. Hopefully they one day add the other horse emotes to the pony aswell
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I noticed that a couple of times recently and the mrs thought I was mad!

I know on my main I have used 3 emotes, a scratch the ground with a hoof, a shake head side to side, and a whinney.However, on the dwarf I just get the whinney.

I didn't think any further, but it would appear that dwarves are not as in-tune with their animals as the rest of the races, or is this a pony problem and hobbits suffer too?
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Considering we dwarfs didn't get captains and wardens because they couldn't be bothered to do the animations, i think we got lucky with being able to ride at all.....

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Originally Posted by Majik_Knight View Post
Considering we dwarfs didn't get captains and wardens because they couldn't be bothered to do the animations, i think we got lucky with being able to ride at all.....

I must say, Horses and ponies are overrated. It was only because I appeared last on every occasion and my kinmates gave me a bad time about it, that I very reluctantly went and got me a pony. Ever since, I blame that blasted animal for getting me across mountain-edges and the wrong side of bridges.

As for the animation -- never noticed there were more than one thanks for the tip.

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A couple of things I noticed on my dwarf.
Yes most ponies only have the one space bar animation.

However the Vol 1 grey pony has them all.

Now this is where it gets weird, the Grey Company pony, whilst only having the one space bar animation, today went into an animation mode. Out of the blue, and I can't reproduce, while stood still it went through all the animations of stable horses, and maybe even more. It did this for a good while, every time I came to a stop in Thorins, at the bank, at the AH and at the LI NPC's for like 30 mins or so.

Also whilst it was in this mode, my dwarf reacted to the animations, in different ways, taking notice when it bows it's head and from time to time even patting it on the side of the neck.

As I said I can't reproduce and have never noticed it on any other horse or pony. Anyone else?

If I was to put on my tinfoil hat, I might say "Was this horse asking me to equip the horse shoe?" Which I did do and it coincided with the animation mode ending.

So again I ask is this random animation mode something new?

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