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Yes, indeed, Pretext. It was said that the Silvan Tongue had falled into disuse across Middle-earth. Plus, there is not refutable evidence, enough, to warrant a whole dictionary; unlike Sindarin or Quenya.

I suggest you take a look at Nandorin for more info regarding the language.
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omg, no life
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Incidentally, simply claiming that you're not homophobic doesn't make it so. And if you feel the need to point it out, you probably realised that it sounded that way to begin with.

You really need to remove any element of your assertion that Elves are only ever heterosexual, as there's nothing really that I can recall in the books where any of them just out and said 'hey, we're all boy-girl pairs and for that matter completely monogamous'. It wasn't explored, really, because it's kind of difficult to get into the intimate practices of immortal beings. Lineage was occasionally traced in the books because it had pertinence to the story, but that by no means indicates a strict heterosexuality to any of the races involved in that tracing. Yes, some people do have family lines and lines of descent. Others don't. Never mind rings with absolute power, walking, talking trees, and Tom Bombadil; the idea that any race could go without producing any variation in sexuality for millennia, especially an immortal race, is outright impossible to believe.

I've reported your guide on the official site because it's being presented as authoritative, when it is not. Newcomers to the game are going to see that, read that, and feel exactly how some people feared LOTRO would be. The most mature of them will simply leave without playing, the rest will join the community, however briefly, and make life miserable for the rest of us. All the puerile bigots from WoW that everyone is so terrified about, well...that sort of thing appeals to them like bread and butter. You did a very irresponsible thing by posting something like this and making it exhaustive enough that people will believe it is completely authoritative, when it is no such thing. It hurts feelings, and it hurts people. Many people enjoy online gaming because they can be heroes, they can be special, and they can feel significant and accepted like they aren't in their real lives, and it's comments like this that make them feel ostracised even by this online fantasy. You have made a variety of assumptions and assertions, the most egregious of which is your more or less baseless claim that Elves are only ever heterosexual.

Even if it were said in the books -- which it is not, to my memory, though admittedly it's an old, faded memory -- this is over half a century later and in a game based on the world created therein. The world is a different place now. Even if Tolkien were homophobic (which I don't know, he might've been...he might just as easily have been tolerant), that isn't something that needs to be promoted in a game in 2010. People should roleplay as it suits them. Just because there were no Elves that paraded around with rainbow flags in Lord of the Rings doesn't mean there weren't any non-heterosexual ones. In the circumstances, I'd imagine they a) didn't care to involve outsiders in their intimate affairs and b) had much more important things to do, what with the Dark Lord threatening to conquer the whole of Middle Earth. Don't assume that heterosexuality is some sort of 'default setting'. It's offensive and small-minded, and even if you didn't set out to be that way, that's exactly how it comes off.

Just something to think about, something which I hope you will think about, and possibly either amend the guide or remove the offending -- and offensive -- remarks, or both.
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Hardly, the game is a world created for people to play a game based, however loosely, on Tolkien's works. If it didn't happen in the books, there's no reason to shove it in the game, and especially when sensibilities in the real world have left such intolerances behind. It may not be your idea of the real world, but real people login, real people want an accepting and appealing place to play, and it's real people who populate a game and make it a success. It's no wonder there are flagging login numbers with your kind of attitude.

A game like this is made, at its root, to make money. And offending large portions of the community is not going to accomplish that. Going by some mysterious, obscure 'letters' as an excuse for bigotry does not excuse it. And blaming your bigotry on someone who lived 50 years ago, likewise, doesn't make you any less of a bigot.

You are, and I quote, in violation of the Terms of Service of Turbine for: 'You will not access or use the Turbine Service to form or participate in groups whose ideology is based upon or resembles anti-religious, anti-ethnic, anti-sexual orientation, nationalistic, racist or sexist philosophies.'

You are, whether directly or indirectly, causing the formation of such groups through your frankly inaccurate rhetoric, and have been reported for such accordingly.

You know, I pointed this out, out of the kindness of my heart, not only because I was concerned for quality newcomer players who would be offended and thus not stay with the game, as well as the existing community who were concerned about their 'mature' community being ruined by sophomoric ex-Wow players. However, I can see that whatever fallout is deserved, at least in certain sections of this community.

I'm sorry I expended the effort since you either apparently don't understand English or don't care to understand other people. I grew out of Tolkien when I was 10, but I wouldn't have ever read the books in the first place if I had the internet back then and could see the worst of the community that flung itself up around the works of a mediocre yet influential author's presumed personal prejudices.

Sorry to try engaging you in conversation. I'll just continue to pursue reporting your guide so that it's removed from the official site's lorebook, as it deserves.

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