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Originally Posted by Rabin >
There is more 'magic' in the world of Middle Earth than many people realise.

It was not just the Istari who utilised it. Things not done by Gandalf include:
  • Beren and Luthien shapechanged,
  • The Witch King is described as a 'Dark Sorceror',
  • Galdriel uses her 'mirror',
  • Bilbo meets talking beasts and a talking purse,
  • Finrod used spells to hide his identity,
  • Melian created a magical barrier,
  • Sauron creates a phantom illusion,
  • Aragorn and Glorfindel magically assess Frodo's injury,
  • the Old Took had magic diamond studs,
  • Galdriel doles out magical gifts,
  • magical doors (Moria + Mirkwood elf halls),
  • moon-runes on Thorin's map,
  • Luthien's magic lulls Carcharoth,
  • Beorn is a shape-changer,
  • the dwarves put 'many spells' over their hidden treasure

Were Tolkien alive today, I'm sure he would have developed even more lore for us to 'play' with.
I never understood why people got so upset about Runekeepers breaking the lore when people thought Loremasters were fine. The tooltip bases Loremasters on Elrond, yet some people associate Loremasters with Gandalf; which they aren't. Because, as it has been said before Gandalf was an Istari and there were not hundreds of them running around Middle Earth.

I personally welcomed the addition of the Runekeeper and hope after the Hobbit film is released -or even at the same time- a new class or two is introduced, say for example Beorn type of class, a shapeshifter. This is quite within the Lore as anyone who has read the Hobbit would know.

I don't understand why people get so hung-up no the Lore in this game, when there is so much that can happen concerning magic and talking creaters that hasn't been implemented yet.

Nice post by the way.
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