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3 BG and 3 DN all the way in the moors.
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Im using 3 DN (helm, gloves and gloves) and 3 BG (boots, chest and legs). Im looking foward to get 1 more DN - have 4- piece for the set bonus for some fights, and also 5 pieces of BG for testing some combos.

Next raid set will change all this, i guess. 3 BG looks better than 3 DN (considering set bonuses are better) so it could go with 3 BG 3new set at the beginning.
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I'm using 3 Moria pieces, one BG piece (boots) and 2 Mirkwood pieces.

3 BG 3 DN seem to be the best for an RK. I'd go for leggings, boots, and robes, and the rest is DN

I don't have the DN set and im lacking the BG robes and pants
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