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Originally Posted by laurinaohtar >
Not me, I refuse to pay for theses scrolls so I wll eventually lose my current tier 7+ relics. Guess that means a small nerf for me but I'd rather that than be conned in to spending money in the store.
agree 100% besides those tier 8/9's give 3000 shards so why bother keeping them when if your geared your proberly passing the cap on crit and offence by the amount the settings/gems/relics give us anyway
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Originally Posted by flopzie >
I don't mind the relic changes. What I don't like is the fact that new runekeepers can't get the same gear as the old ones. I currently have 5 adamant gem of dreams, so should be ok for a while, but a new rk has no chance of getting those so cannot perform as good as an old rk.

you forgeting out there is new gear too so new gear + new relicts should be same as new gear + old relicts. Because with old relicts you will overs stack your stats so it will be just waist of stuff.

And new dont mean he will be bad one. But I gues we need to get update waitf few months get gear on new stuff and then we will be ablle to say who were right Time will show

PS. I hope you wont be all tempted to buy scrools form SOURON SHOP ITS EVIL SHOP }:]
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