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Default New Legendary Settings/Rune/Gem

Which combo do you use/plan to use?
Suppose that you DO NOT HAVE your old T8/T9, what are you planning about?

I'm asking if keep the extraordinary set of something (the one with devastate magnitude, critical, something else) or use the T6 with Tactical Offence.

In the latter case I'll choose:
- the rune/setting to get 1170 offence
- gem for 520 crit

What do you think?

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For my DPS set I use,
2x Extraordinary Rune of Endings (+7.5% Devastate Mag +500 Crit Chance)
2x old Adamant Gem of Dreams (the old T8s with +96 ICPR, +230 Crit Chance and +1200 Offence Rating)
2x old Deep Rune of the Mountains (-2.5% Attack Duration and 150/100 morale/power)
2x crafted Symbol of Tactics (+320 Crit, +320 Offence).

Crit Chance Rating: 11,908 which is the 30% cap.
Crit Offence Rating: 5,078 which is 15% capped normal and 5.5% dev, without Mastery of Tragedy, and 6% dev crit with it.

This gives me the highest possible DPS at the cost of morale. Though my normal crit chance rating is over the cap, the additional rating still increases Devastate Chance. Also there is an argument to be made for overcapping ratings - when attacking higher level mobs such as bosses and raid mobs your rating is less efficient.

Deciding on my Healing set relics was far more difficult. I had to balance between ICPR to retain the endless sustainable healing we were capable of, and the new options for maxing outgoing healing (every little helps!).

In the end I went for three new relics,
2x Gold Settings of Grace (+780 Outgoing Healing +230 Power)
2x Extraordinary Gems of Charity (+780 Outgoing Healing +230 +Tactical Defence)
2x Runes of the Sun (+115 ICPR +520 Evade)
2x crafted Symbol of Vigour (+320 Outgoing +320 Crit Chance).

My outgoing healing is 10,848 which is 29.6% base. 0.4 short of the cap with capped Will, but my crit chance for healing plummets down to 11.8%.
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Using the same as above, except 2x Subtle Rune of the Crags instead of the new ones for healing LIs.
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The OP specifically said suppose you do not have the old T8/9 relics.

Why post a dps setup with uses 4 old relics?
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Hmm, didn't read that properly. To be honest most of the new relics are poor for a RK (in comparison to the old ones).. I guess I'd go for 1x Precision/1x Endings, 1x Crags/1x Hope, 2x Power using entirely new.
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I have looked at the new Runes and I honestly can't say I like ANY of them. I am using old relic and gem, only thing i changed is setting which I've got Extraordinary setting of endings for 7% dev chance and 15% dev magn
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My Rk never got old runes. I'd like to know wich runes/relics you guys would use now. Seems like a new RK will never be able to reach the damage that old ones can achieve.
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