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Default axe

I have read a lot of chatter here about rune-keepers but have not found this subject of the dwarf's axe facility covered.

What use, if any, is this ability? I have been starting dwarf rune-keepers because of this extra ability, but in fact it seems pretty useless. There do not appear to be any skills supporting this axe use. When used it switches off all rune skills.

So may I ask if anyone can tell me how the dwarf's axe can be used to any advantage?
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there a simple answer and ur not gonna like it: NOT :P
as rune-keeper u dont have any advantage form that racial and therefor u shouldnt equip it...i choose dwarf rune-keeper for the damage migation racial and the heal increase racial but the axe trait is useless as far as i know..
do stay dwarf! never insult a guy whos smaller then ur legs since its weapon will be close to ur ....ok, u get the statement :P
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Its pretty pointless, its just there because of the dwarf racial. Its only use is if you want to attempt to solo a boss with it.....
Thats unlikely lol
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No advantage at all, Runestones even do more dps
But its fun using an axe when you hang around in the cities doing nothing.
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RP wise its nice, and it can be nice if ur trying to do something with an axe instead of a runestone, like said before.
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